Can I extend my solar system?

So, you have installed solar panels on your roof and you want to extend your system to lower your bills and save even more? Whether this choice is viable or not will depend on several factors:
Your current consumption
The first things to consider are your electricity production and consumption. If you are exporting to the grid a large part of the energy produced it isn’t worth adding more panels.
Your roof
Obviously, to add panels and extend your existing installation, you need some roof space available with good sun exposure. You also have to make sure the roof can support the added weight. If not, you can also consider a ground mounted system.
The size of your inverter
The size of your inverter will determine how to proceed.
Basically, the size of your inverter must be the same as your panels. Recent technologies allow you to add panels up to 133% of the inverter capacity. So, for example, a 3kW inverter allows you to have 4kW of solar panels attached. With a 5kW inverter, you can have up to 6.65kW of panels.
Knowing that, if your installation is below the operating window of your inverter, you can easily extend it and add more panels. It is the cheapest and easiest scenario.
If your system is already at its full capacity, there are two scenarios possible: upgrade your inverter to a bigger one and add panels or purchase a new system, independent from the previous one.
The second possibility is often cheaper. Discuss the options with your installer.
If you are adding panels to an existing system, they should be an equivalent model with the same input. If your installation comprises microinverters, a central inverter is not required, and you can add panels without changing your existing system.
Your feed-in-tariffs
Upgrading your existing system can impact your existing feed-in-tariffs. If you are under generous feed-in-tariff from old payment programs, adding panels means you will lose these special rates.
This can help you decide if you extend your existing system or purchase a new separate one with its own feed-in-tariffs and government incentives.
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